Preserving Days at Otter Farm

I am delighted to be running several preserving workshops at Mark Diacono’s inspirational Otter Farm during 2017. The days are run in pairs, or two dayers as Mark calls them.  The first day of the twosomes will cover jam making, pickling and lemon curd teaching you many of the fundamental principles of home preserving.

The second of the days will introduce you some of the more advanced and lesser used techniques of home preserving and will teach you how to make  fruit stocks for jellles cordials and pectin stocks. The afternoon session will all be about bottling and you’ll find out with a few simple rules tucked under your belt how easy this invaluable skill of preserving truly is.


19th and 20th July, 2017

30th September and 1st October, 2017

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Hope you can join me for a day or two.  xx