Green and scary, gooseberry fairy,
downy wings, all soft and hairy.
You treasure of the month of May,
a little longer, would you stay.

For with your help, I always find,
the jams and jellies are the kind.
That bring such joy to all who eat,
a wondrous, soft and juicy treat.

And these are not the only things,
your crisp, tart body brings.
A summer fool, a goosegog’ pie –
you always take me to the sky.

But green and scary, gooseberry fairy,
there is one time you make me wary.
For you protect your gooseberry tribe,
with dagger thorns, you bristly ribe!

But still, you see, you are for me,
from bush or from a standard tree.
Of all the berries I could choose,
yours are the ones, I love to use.